Car cemetery. Arrabal. Chicago


University Theater presents
Fernando Arrabal's story
set in a junkyard hotel built out of defunct cars.

Directed by Anastasia Barron.

8 pm. University of Chicago,

Reynolds Club,

5706 S. University.

Car Cemetery playwright Fernando Arrabal was born to a Spanish army general in 1932. Just four years later, another general— Francisco Franco— usurped Spain’s socialistic Popular Front, transforming the country into an arguably fascistic Catholic monarchy. .. but he nonetheless found good friends and allies in both Mussolini and Hitler.
This history seems at first like crucial context for Car Cemetery, a play whose avant-garde aesthetic is so distinctly “of its time” Arrabal was intent on deconstructing a realist aesthetic that didn’t quite capture reality as it stood after the horrors of World War II. His employment of the character Milos, in particular—a totalitarian overseer of the car cemetery— indicates an interest in how brutally people wield power when given any glimmer of opportunity. But the text begs another reading, as well—a reading that focuses not on Car’s implicit thematization of European crowd politics, but on the fact that it literally takes place in a massive junkyard...
...comedy, tap, hip-hop, eccentric dance and slapstick
... one of theater's greatest legend...